Welcome to Weaverville Pet Pantry!


local pet suppliesWeaverville Pet Pantry is your friendly, local pet supply store.  We offer healthy, natural pet foods and pet supplies to Western North Carolina.


We focus on providing local and natural pet products.

We carry healthy natural provisions and quality supplies for dogs, cat, ferrets, small animals, fish, reptiles, and pet birds. Our focus is on pet foods that are produced by reputable manufacturers and which contain no animal by-products, no artificial preservatives and no harmful ingredients. Our dog foods are well-rated by Whole Dog Journal, which takes no advertising and is known for its dog-food reviews.

Our pet store is China-free!  All of our treats and foods are made in the U.S.A.!
We support local businesses and carry locally made pet beds, dog coats, pet treats and supplements for cats and dogs.

We are the pet store that cares about you and your pets.  Weaverville Pet Pantry currently serves Weaverville, North Asheville, Alexander, Marshall, Mars Hill, Barnardsville and Burnsville, NC for pet health, pet nutrition and pet supplies.

Weaverville Pet Pantry supports local businesses and carries locally made beds, coats, treats, and supplements.


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