Weaverville Pet Pantry Cares About You and Your Pets

Our customers tell us that they love to shop at Weaverville Pet Pantry because we care about them and their pets. We listen to our customers concerns and are open to learning more from them.

As a family-owned mom-and-pop pet-supply store, Weaverville Pet Pantry has the flexibility to help customers with:

  • researching information about your specific dog, cat, small animal or bird issues, pet nutrition and pet health
  • placing special orders for pet supplies
  • referrals to veterinarians, pet groomers, pet trainers and other pet services
  • sharing books and other sources of information on pet health and pet nutrition

Weaverville Pet Pantry: A Community of Relationships

Our customers trust us to guide them regarding pet nutrition and health.  Weaverville Pet Pantry is a community – a place where people enjoy coming and bringing their animals.  Our customers know that we care about them and their animals.

Many of our customers are in the pet-care business and include veterinarians, dog behavior specialists, pet sitters and animal rescue volunteers.  Come visit Weaverville Pet Pantry and be a part of our growing community!


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